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Entry #20

The Adventures of Barack Obama

2011-07-07 04:27:49 by scatmario64

Barack Obama found himself on the floor outside of a Somalian street riot feeling very dizzy and sick but not knowing why.
Barack Obama decided to go back inside but was turned away by the epic bouncer at the door. Barack Obama wanted to get to
the bottom of what had happened and asked 'May I eat your handbag?' to which the bouncer, Justin Beiber replied 'Certainly'
with a look of homosexuality.

By this point, Barack Obama had given up trying to get back inside and decided to walk home but tripped on a insane handbag
which was just lying in the middle of the road. Barack Obama who wasn't feeling too smart decided to eat the object which
teleported him to a Somalian street riot, which was filled with many people, all looking very non-existant, Barack Obama
wanted to talk to them but soon passed out and found themseleves waking up in Hell, what had happened? Barack Obama
didn't want to think about it anymore and decided to forget by masterbating.


The Adventures of Barack Obama


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